Here are some of the BOLT's selected references. References are mainly processes where BOLT has assisted as advisor on buy-side or sell-side throughout the transaction process. BOLT has also assisted with advisory services in a number of other contexts, such as strategic alliances, joint venture, growth and internationalization.

Des 2018

Sale/Merger of Øst-Riv AS to/with Norsk Gjenvinning/R3 Entreprenør AS

Advisor to Øst-Riv AS

Sep 2018

Investment in NADG by Køhlergruppen

Advisor to NADG

Sep 2018

Sale of Norsk Saneringsservice AS to NRC Group ASA

Advisor to Norsk Saneringsservice

Mai 2018

Acquisition of Brdr. Grønnerud AS by Recover Nordic

Advisor to Recover Nordic

Feb 2018

Sale of Kymar AS (former Lönne Service) to Genium AS

Advisor to Kymar AS

Okt 2017

Sale of Fibertech AS to NRC Group ASA

Advisor to Fibertech AS

Jun 2017

Acquisition of Absolutt Regnskap AS by Proplan AS

Advisor to Proplan AS

Jun 2017

Sale of shares in Sirdal Veibetong AS to Ølen Betong AS

Advisor to Sirdal Veibetong AS

Jun 2017

Sale of majority in Norse Technology AS to Genium AS

Advisor to Norse Technology AS

Mai 2017

Sale of Stål og Fasade AS to Thalund Asset Management Group AS

Advisor to IKM Industri-Invest AS

Mar 2017

Sale of F5 IT Network & Security to Netsecurity AS

Advisor to F5 IT

Feb 2017

Sale of Skilt og Vedlikehold AS to Ramudden AS

Advisor to Skilt og Vedlikehold AS

Des 2016

Sale of Plania AS to Vitec Software Group AB

Advisor to Plania AS

Nov 2016

Sale of 'Hoses & Couplings' division in Fluid Control to Flux Group

Advisors to owners of Fluid Control

Nov 2016

Acquisition of Fluid Control AS by Hitec Products AS

Advisor to Hitec Products AS

Sep 2016

Sale of Call Option in Montasjelaget to Private Investors

Advisor to Montasjelaget

Nov 2014

Sale of Pressure Control to IKM Gruppen

Advisor to Pressure Control

Feb 2013

Acquisition of AGR Well Service and AGR Cleanup by BR Industrier

Advisor to BR Industrier

Jan 2013

Sale of Fjell Industries to BR Industrier

Advisor to Fjell Industries

Nov 2012

Sale of majority in Suldal Trevare to Strand Invest

Advisor to Suldal Trevare

Apr 2012

Acquisition of majority in Sveiseteknologi by Westcon

Advisor to Westcon

Jan 2012

Sale of majority in to

Advisor to

KCA Deutag has established a Joint Venture with SWS

Advisor to SWS

Sale of Suldal Billag to Suldal Transport

Advisor to Suldal Billag

Sale of Intercontrol to Goodtech

Advisor to Intercontrol

Sale of Norsk Kjelkontroll to Inspecta

Advisor to Norsk Kjelkontroll

Sale of Oddstøl Elektronikk to Elmo

Advisor to Oddstøl Elektronikk

Sale of Pipetech International to CCB and Helgeland Vekst

Advisor to Pipetech International

Sale of Subsea Management Services to IKM

Advisor to Subsea Management Services

Sale of Satpool Software Solutions to Onsoft Computer Systems

Advisor to Satpool

Sale of FM Professional to Norconsult

Advisor to FM Professional

Sale of Ryfylke Eiendomsmegling to Hjelmeland Sparebank

Advisor to Ryfylke Eiendomsmegling

Sale of Rogaland Elektro Strand to Stavanger Installasjon

Advisor to Rogaland Elektro Strand

Sale of Solberg Scandinavian to Amerex

Advisor to Solberg Scandinavian

Acquistion of Mongstad Test & Inspeksjon by Inspecta

Advisor to Inspecta

Sale of Sharp Center Stavanger to Magnar Eikeland

Advisor to Sharp Center Stavanger

Sale of Handelspartner Securities to Danish investor.

Advisor to Handelspartner Securities

Acquisition of Polaris Rig Management by Westcon

Advisor to Polaris Rig Management

Acquistion of Norsk Kran og Redskapskontroll by Inspecta

Advisor to Inspecta

Sale of Ekeberg Elektro to Elektro Pluss

Advisor to Ekeberg Elektro

Acquisition of NSI by Inspecta

Advisor to Inspecta

Acquisition of Ultratech by Inspecta

Advisor to Inspecta

Sale of Ottesen & Dreyer to Sparebanken Vest

Advisor to Ottesen & Dreyer

Synergi (Pride) has entered into a strategic alliance with Atkins

Advisor to Synergi (Pride)

Sale of Samarbeidsutvikling to Zentrix

Advisor to Samarbeidsutvikling

Sale of Hjelmeland Elektro to Teksal Hineco

Advisor to Hjelmeland Elektro

Sobra invests in SWS

Advisor to SWS

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