Company valuations

BOLT offers professional company valuations, often in connection with acquisitions or business sale. BOLT use recognized valuation methods, and through participation in a large number of transactions, we have gained considerable expertise and indepth insight into the factors that are essential for a thorough and qualified valuation.


  • A strategic analysis of the company and the competitive situation in order to identify value drivers and risks. This involves an assessment of internal factors such as employees/management, customer portfolio, products/services/technology, location, organization etc., and external factors such as industry structure, competition, market outlook, sensitivity to macroeconomic developments etc.
  • A financial analysis to assess the historical development of the company, including growth, operating margins, leverage, liquidity and investment level.
  • Based on the strategic and financial analysis a valuation is performed using the DCF-model which is the most widely used method for valuation. In addition the DCF-model is complemented with other models and methods to ensure the quality of the estimates.
  • A sensitivity analysis on changes in important value drivers in order to identify and point out which factors and assumptions have a large affect on the value estimate. 
  • On the basis the analysis a report is prepared, which contains the strategic and financial analysis, all relevant assumptions,  the valuation and  the sensitivity analysis.

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Company valuations

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